Pablo Neruda Series by Kerri McGill

Drunk with Pines

Drunk with pines and long kisses,
like summer I steer the fast sail of the roses,
bent towards the death of the thin day,
stuck into my solid marine madness.

Pale and lashed to my ravenous water,
I cruise in the sour smell of the naked climate,
still dressed in gray and bitter sounds

and a sad crest of abandoned spray.

Hardened by passions, I go mounted on my one wave,
lunar, solar, burning and cold, all at once,
becalmed in the throat of the fortunate isles
that are white and sweet as cool hips.

In the moist night my garment of kisses trembles

charged to insanity with electric currents,
heroically divided into dreams

and intoxicating roses practicing on me.

Upstream, in the midst of the outer waves,
your parallel body yields to my arms
like a fish infinitely fastened to my soul,
quick and slow, in the energy under the sky

Pablo Neruda

McGill and Mackey and Hollander in Salem by Kerri McGill

June & July, Tulip Street Gallery

Opening, June25th, 7-10

4 Tulip Street, Salem MA 01970

Tulip Gallery proudly presents Beasty Beauty, a strange hidden gem of a show, full of dark and playful narrative from the oils of McGill, to the fantastic metal animals of Salem’s own Mackey, and personal work from the historical Hollander.

Irwin Hollander is the man responsible for introducing printing methods and actually printed all of the big name abstract expressionists in the 60s and 70s.
, a
Salem native, creates fantastical creatures from the remnants of his job as an industrial contractor.

It's an honor to have an exhibit with these guys!

Art Auction at FENWAY PARK! by Kerri McGill

I am SO excited to be a part of this fundraiser for the Arts&Business Council.

Here's the link to the on-line auction:

Here's more info on the organization and the fundraiser:

My two paintings in the event are:
"White Rose, Red Rose, Missing the Garden" (Featured in Kate Hudson's movie, "Bride Wars")
and "Braid of the Hair Most Fine"

Jesus made me do it... by Kerri McGill

इ ऍम नोट कंप्यूटर एफ़्फ़िकिएन्त...इ लोस्ट इंग्लिश अस अ लैंग्वेज ! हेल्प! Oh well, Hindi it is..
Wow! I am not a computer person. I have a blog because I couldn't figure out web sites. I left the blog alone, not because I wasn't doing anything, I just couldn't figure out how to post links...until now(I walk away when I get aggravated)... and then I briefly lost the ability to type in English.

When I was a high school freshman, I had to choose between art and science, m
y two favorites. The problem was Jesus. I was in a catholic high school and religion was a staple class. There was not enough room for Jesus, Darwin, and Monet. I chose art. Until now I've been missing the science.

Jonah Lehrer, a writer for my favorite magazine, SEED, spoke about his book, "How We Decide". It is his writing that hooked me into all of the new science. I've posted an article that introduced me to the
new bridge growing between art and science. Neuroaesthetics is the study of the biological need for art making/viewing. Much like someone studying psychiatry to fix themselves, I am reading up on neuroaesthetics to find the root of my own "affliction".