The Theater, The Theater... / by Kerri McGill

It's funny where painting will take you.  My artwork got me into the film industry.  The film industry made a house painter out of me. This house painter learned installation and fabrication and then somehow I stumbled into the theater. It was like stumbling back into art.  Actually that's literal... I was invited to work at the ART in Cambridge.

I was unfamiliar with many of the processes of theater painting.  It took a little a bit to master drawing and painting with bamboo.  there is something fantastic about the history of such tools and methods.
The high definition of film technology demands we copy from life exactly on the film set.  The theater set takes a scratchy sketch and makes it life size, marker coloring, strange perspective and all. 

Working job to job can be nerve-racking, but the great experiences are worth it!
 To all those along the way who asked "What are you going to do with art?"  
I say:  More than you can imagine, because I had no idea myself!