Flashback... 2010, An Honest day's work / by Kerri McGill

Duchamp's Christmas

2010 was a tough year.  There was not a decent job to be found.  Those who did hire took full advantage.  I poured an epoxy resin countertop at a lower hourly than the Brazilian cleaning crew got.  Other jobs that year involved asbestos, rat shit, and a drunken plasterer.  It was the year I perfected the persuasion of payment by implied threat.  

By August, I finally found an honest day's work in the business of Christmas decoration refurberation and installation...Go ahead say that 10 times fast...

It's a job that rings with sentiment and delight.  I know there will be fond memories years from now, when I have forgotten the dank basements, filthy garages and critter-full cavities we worked in.

Just as things were looking up, the roof to my apartment gave way.  The roofers didn't check the weather that day and left the roof open during their lunch break... There was a flash rain storm exactly then.

My roommate and I moved within a month.  I hoped to make a getaway during the holidays.  A wonderful man offered to take me to Fla. to meet his family.  Two stops from our destination, he was pulled from the train and deported back to Argentina.

2010 was a very tough year.