Why I'm a crummy blogger / by Kerri McGill

I'm a crummy blogger because I actually have great adventures all the time and I have a really wacky job too. I just don't follow up with the writing part...no tiny laptop, no i-phone, no attention span for computer glowing screens. In between adventures I clean my apartment (because adventures inevitably lead to giant messes) and try to paint or at least organize the next adventure...

For the past year and a half I work as a scenic painter for film and TV. This is very exciting to people who like celebrities. It is exciting for me because I get paid
a living wage to mess with paint. I won't go into any job details as I am forever signing contracts with threatening verbiage in them about the consequences of leaking important confidential information about their top secret projects... like the next "great" re-make or the latest chick flick...very important stuff.

The top picture is in a Navy yard studio in Brooklyn. Behind me is a classic water fountain they imported from Italy for a show. The middle picture is a carpet of plastic green turf, thousands of dollars worth, that covers a naturally sparse Essex County lake front. The turf will be lightly shredded to make it "naturally" uneven and then sprayed w/shades of green and brown to make it "naturally" toned....naturally! And lastly-a big fake tree.

Bouncing between NYC and Boston, 12hr days, sometimes 7 days a week is tricky. Reading takes the place of painting. Not best sellers though..Things like Dr.Edeleman's Wider than the Sky about consciousness, D.Dutton's Art Instinct and E.Dissanayake's HomoAesheticus. An LA boss of mine loved to give me shit about being smart at coffee break(of course I corrected him...It's pronounced "Smott" around here.)