Mystery at Fenway Park! / by Kerri McGill

It is a gray and foggy night in Boston's Ballpark. The city skyline is barely visible from the third base line. The Red Sox are happy to be on an away game. Inside the old 500 Club is another story... music, fancy dresses, art and memorabilia from wall to wall and martinis in plastic cups...It is the auction for the Arts&Business Council.

It is a perfect opportunity to network, sell paintings, and promote the importance of fine art in the Boston community. I do none of these things. I am tired. My week began on Saturday and filled itself with 10, 12, and 15 hour days of movie set painting (glorified house painting). You can take the girl out of the paint, but sometimes you can't get the paint out of her hair, even for the most prestigious events.

I grab my plastic cup martini and my cohort for the evening and dash off to the Green Monster to take pictures of the beautiful misty park. We romp around the park testing security.(It was very tight.)

While we run about the park, a couple visiting from Michigan scour each piece for something special. They make the rounds quite a few times and continually return to one painting. They read every word of every bio. They compare and still return to the one piece. They make a bid. And because as many art auctions, there are few bidders, they win the piece at a good price. It is my piece. And at the end of the evening, confident in their purchase, they go to claim the new prize, only to find the work is gone and missing!

At the end of the night all of the artwork goes to the bubble-wrap station. There is a strict procedure before releasing the artwork....How could the paintings have been taken?

The culprit walks free into the night unnoticed, puts the paintings in the trunk and is off.

On my way to the car after post show tacos and beer, I notice a message from the show coordinator in her very French accent," We don't know where your paintings are! They have been stolen and sold!" I don't understand, maybe it's the the accent...
To be continued...