How a Painting Grows / by Kerri McGill

Sometimes I rummage through sketch books for future paintings and sometimes I have a scribble that follows me around...the kind of scrap that is meant for bigger and better things. It won't get tossed. It won't get lost. It's the seed of a great tree of a painting. (I almost had a poem there) I just hope I can do my scribbles justice.

The February show was a great project. It was a program of love songs (of course). I love listening to new music and deciphering visual things out of it. When Jessica and I work together the "new music" is classical stuff - It's new to me, and foreign, usually German or French. She is an amazing soprano. I get chills when I hear her sing.

It led me to a particular scribble that had been waiting patiently for years...They wait for years sometimes. It didn't quite match up with any lyrics in particular. It had the essence of the songs. They were love songs, yes, BUT, they were of want and desire, lightly tortured(those were mostly the German ones I suppose.) It was an honest contribution, and besides; maybe no one would notice because nothing was in English anyway.

It won't get tossed
It won't get lost
It sits in wait
For an unsure fate
A gamble worth its cost.

uh, yeah -I'll stick to painting.