Artist in the closet / by Kerri McGill

"It's a closet"..That's what the realtor said when I was looking for apartments. The 12x5.5 room jutting off the bedroom has three windows, and - a closet. Looks like a studio to me. I took it. My workspace is 8x5.5.. I leave the remainder for actual closet access.

An old metal file cabinet with a desk top on it is my work space with my little window palettes. The top file drawer is the sketchbook reserve. The bottom drawer is everything else an artist could want from inks to blades in my organizational cigarbox system.

I have never been very organized. This system really works though. I have a teamster named Jack to thank. (I'm 85% sure his name is Jack... 85% of the guys I met on my first movie set were named Jack, so it's a safe bet.)

I started work as a scenic painter last year. Jack, was always munching on cigars while he waited for hauling orders. Very few things are cooler than a wooden cigar box. I asked him to bring one in if he finished one. Instead of one wooden cigar box, I got just under 20 cardboard Garcia y Vega boxes. "30 Fine Cigars in Flav-R-Gard Tubes".

I'm happy my request reaffirmed his past-time and made me more efficient! Thanks Jack!